Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel

Professor Elizabeth Hillman

Elizabeth Hillman is Professor of Law, University of California Hastings College of the Law. Her current research concerns the law and politics of aerial bombing and military sexual violence. Professor Hillman has published two books, Military Justice Cases and Materials (2d ed. 2012, LexisNexis, with Eugene R. Fidell and Dwight H. Sullivan) and Defending America: Military Culture and the Cold War Court-Martial (Princeton University Press, 2005), and many articles, including "Sexual Violence in State Militaries" in Prosecuting International Sex Crimes (Forum for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law, 2012). She has testified before Congress, served as an expert at trial, and commented frequently in the media about military law, history, and culture. Professor Hillman is president of the National Institute for Military Justice, a non-profit dedicated to promoting fairness in and public understanding of military justice worldwide. Professor Hillman attended Duke University on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, earned a degree in electrical engineering, and served as a space operations officer and orbital analyst in Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, Colorado Springs.

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