Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel


Colonel Patricia Ham - Staff Director
Ms. Terri Saunders - Deputy Staff Director
Mr. Dale Trexler - Chief of Staff
Ms. Shannon Green - Legislative Analyst
Mr. Roger Capretta - Supervising Paralegal
Ms. Sharon Zahn - Senior Paralegal

Role of the Commander
Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Green - Supervising Attorney
Mr. Douglas Nelson - Attorney
Major Ranae Doser-Pascual - Attorney
Ms. Joanne Gordon - Attorney

Comparative Systems
Lieutenant Colonel Kelly McGovern - Supervising Attorney
Mr. Dillon Fishman - Attorney
Ms. Janice Chayt - Investigator

Victim Services
Commander Sherry King - Supervising Attorney
Ms. Julie Carson - Attorney
Ms. Kristin McGrory- Attorney
Ms. Rachael Landsee - Attorney


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