Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel

Honorable Elizabeth Holtzman

Rep. Holtzman is counsel with Herrick Feinstein, LLP, (law firm). Rep. Holtzman served for eight years as a U.S. Congresswoman (D-NY, 1973-81) and while in office she authored the Rape Privacy Act. She subsequently served for eight years as the Kings County, New York (Brooklyn) District Attorney (the 4th largest DA's office in the country) from 1981-89, where she helped change rape laws, improved standards and methods for prosecution, and developed programs to train police and medical personnel. Rep. Holtzman was also elected Comptroller of New York City, the only woman to be elected to this position. Rep. Holtzman graduated from Radcliffe College, magna cum laude, and received her law degree from Harvard Law School.

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