Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel

February 25, 2014
Subcommittee Meeting:  Comparative Systems Subcommittee




Materials Provided by Presenters

Presentation, Success: What do we do and how to we get there?, David S. Prescott

Presentation, Sexual Abuse: Who are the offenders and how do we assess them?, Dr. Robin J. Wilson

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, Motivational Interviewing in the Treatment of Sexual Abusers: An Introduction, David S. Prescott

The Effects of Prison Sentences and Intermediate Sanctions on Recidivism: General Effects and Individual Differences (2002-01), Smith, Goggin, and Gendreau

High Risk Sex Offenders May Not Be High Risk Forever, Hanson, Harris, Helmus, and Thorton

Journal of Sexual Aggression, 2011, Paradoxical and Double-Bind Communication in Treatment for People Who Sexually Offend, Prescott and Wilson

Sex Abuse OnlineFirst, Assessing Risk of Sexual Recidivism: Some Proposals on the Nature of Psychologically Meaningful Risk Factors, Mann, Hanson, and Thorton, April 2, 2010


Sexual Abuse in Australia and New Zealand, The Good Lives Model (GLM) in Theory and Practice, Willis, Prescott, and Yates, May, 2013

Sexual Offenders - Treatment, Readiness and Motivation, 3.4 Treatment Readiness: Preparing Sexual Abusers for the Process of Change, Wilson and Pake

Washington State Institute for Public Policy, Evidence-Based Public Policy Options to Reduce Future Prison Construction, Criminal Justice Costs, and Crime Rates, October, 2006


Presentation, DoD Expert Witnesses in Sexual Assault Courts-Martial, LTC David Johnson, M.D. and Jennifer Yeaw, Psy.D.

Related Materials

Department of Defense, Establishment of Special Victim Capabilities within the Military Departments to respond to Allegations of Certain Special Victim Offenses, Report to the Committees on Armed Services of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, December, 2013

Under Secretary of Defense, Directive-type Memorandum (DTM) 14-003, DoD Implementation of Special Victim Capability (SVC) Prosecution and Legal Support, February 12, 2014


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