Response Systems to Adult Sexual Assault Crimes Panel

November 19, 2013
Subcommittee Meeting:  Comparative Systems Subcommittee





Ms. Donna Ferguson, Assistant Division Chief, Behavioral Sciences, Education and Training Division, US Army Military Police School

Major Gwendolyn A. Foster, Deputy Commander, Air Force Element Medical 

Colonel (Retired) Carol L. Haig, Chief, Women's Health Service Line & Deputy, Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention Workgroup, Office of the US Army Surgeon General

Mr. Kevin Poorman, Associate Director for Criminal Investigations, US Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Commander Kristie Robson, Department Head of Clinical Programs, US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Mr. Guy A. Surian, Deputy Chief for Investigative Operations & Criminal Intelligence, US Army Criminal Investigation Command


NMCSD - Sexual Assault Victim Care Protocol

Best Practices for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, Dr. Suzanne Rotolo


Colonel (Retired) Carol L. Haig - Statement to the Comparative Systems Subcommittee, dated November 19, 2013


Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Information Paper - US Army Military Police School (USAMPS) Sexual Assault Investigations Education, Training and Consultation Program


 US Army Criminal Investigation Command - Case Data


Sexual Assault Training, US Marine Corps Law Enforcement & Criminal Investigation Division

Sexual Assault Special Agent & First Responder Training, US Army Military Police School


Military Criminal Investigative Organizations


BUMED Instruction 6310.11A Change Transmittal 1, US Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery


Sexual Assault Checklist For Navy Health Clinic Patients, US Navy



Sexual Assault Investigations: 2007 - 2013, Virginia Beach Police Department


Materials Provided to Members

Baltimore City Sexual Assault Response Team

DODIG-2013-043, Evaluation of the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations' Sexual Assault Investigation Training


DODIG-2013-091, Evaluation of the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations Sexual Assault Investigations


Police Decision Making in Sexual Assault Cases:  Predictors of Suspect Identification and Arrest, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, dated March 2013



Improving the Police Response To Sexual Assault, Police Executive Research Forum




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